Hi, I'm Spyros Georgiadis

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Who Am I

Web Developer located in Athens,Greece.

More About Me

I have been interested in IT, Network Administration and Web Development for a long time.

I really enjoy web development

Top Expertise

Fullstack developer with primary focus on React and nodejs:Download Resume

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • NodeJs/Express
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • Postgres
  • Git
  • Containers
  • NginX

Some of my projects

*due to server migration not all projects are available at the moment


A Web App created with React that combines the functionality of MaterialUI and FlatUI.
Create, Save and Sort your own color pallettes

Live Demo
Weather App

A progressive web app created using React
Experimented with service workers

Live Demo
Recipe Book

A Recipebook web app created using the Angular framework and Firebase.
Experimented with NgRx

Live Demo
Flash Quiz

A simple flash quiz web app

Live Demo

News Web app created with React that utilizes the Alan AI

Live Demo
Covid-19 tracker

A Covid-19 tracking web app using the convid19.mathdro API created with React

Live Demo
Demo Cart

Demo Shop web app with working cart created using React with Typescript

Live Demo
Codepen Clone

Codepen Clone created using the React library

Live Demo

Photo manipulation web app created using the React library

Live Demo

Simple progressive web app built with React library that suggests things to do when bored

Live Demo
Music Player

A Music player created with Vue Framework!

Live Demo
Markdown Previewer

A markdown previewer app created using React

Live Demo
Movies DB

A movie app created with Svelte using the TMDB api.

Live Demo
Manage Your Budget

A budget tracking progressive web app created using React and the bootstrap wrapper for react.

Live Demo
Todo List app

A TODO list app created in React

Live Demo